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Application for Membership or Renewal


Membership to the ACT Showjumping Club is open to all, including those who do not own a horse of their own. Non-riding members make welcome spectators, pole pickers, advisers, and administrators. 

Membership for the financial year costs only $50 for individuals and $70 for families.

For club training days and standard club competitions, you have to be a club member to ride.

For official competition days like the Canberra Classic and the ACT Showjumping Cup, you can be a club member, member of EA or pay for a one-day club membership to compete (if you are not a member of either).


How to join

From this point onwards, memberships will be done through Global Entries Online. This will assist us to better administer the club membership and maintain the accuracy of our records.


This process is simple.

  1. Go to Global Entries Online

  2. Click the “Clubs” icon at the top of the page

  3. Click “Become a member”

  4. Under the ACT Showjumping Club click the blue “Become Member” button.

  5. Fill in the details and pay via credit card. 

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