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COVID-19 Update

On 19 Aug 20, NSW Health updated its Community Sport recommendations…/def…/files/faqadvicesport.pdf.

State Sporting Organisations (SSOs), including Equestrian NSW, were asked to cease activities that result in mixing of participants from different regions, with the region boundaries determined to suit individual sports.

Equestrian NSW proposes to adopt the NSW Health regions shown on the link below. There are NSW and Sydney maps with the number of COVID-19 cases recorded to date in each region.…/Pa…/recent-case-updates.aspx

This is not an exact science, so please apply common sense. The larger rural regions allow longer travel, whereas travel to and from the Greater Sydney regions (eg Western Sydney and South Western Sydney), with larger numbers of COVID-19 cases, carries a much higher risk that could result in community transmission

If you need further details, please call the Equestrian NSW office on 9620 2660 or email

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