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Equestrian Park - Ground management

Many of our club members may not be aware but as part of our clubs responsibility at Equestrian Park we are required to undertake certain maintenance tasks, one of which is the mowing and weed control of the main grass arena, embankment between the canteen and main arena and the yards behind the canteen.

If you are planning to visit the Park please be aware that weed spraying will be undertaken in the coming days and horses should not be allowed to graze the areas.

The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank several people;

- Ian Hughes for organising a local agronomist who has provided the club with a weed management report including a program for completing the spraying. Ian will also be assisting the club as he has been engaged to complete some of the spraying; and

- Peter Core for his ongoing support with arranging mowing and spraying of the sections that Ian is unable to complete with his boom spray.

A huge thankyou from ACTSJC 😊

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