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Club Days



The ACTSJC pride themselves in providing high quality monthly events to help support and promote the sport of show jumping in the ACT and surrounding regions.

The ACT Showjumping Club conducts formal competition days, both official and unofficial, on a regular basis. Most competitions are held at Equestrian Park, Cotter Road, Yarralumla. The same location as the Training Days.


Events are advertised in the club's newsletter, Related Line, and on this website. Major events such as the ACT Showjumping Cup are also advertised on the Jumping NSW website.

Competition Days

The club owns a large range of professional showjumping equipment and the training days provide an ideal opportunity to school horses over the types of visually 'spooky' fences they are likely to encounter in a competitive situation.

Training days are invariably informal, with an atmosphere of friendly camaraderie fostered amongst the riders. A non-judgmental attitude prevails and riders are encouraged to participate at the height and speed with which they feel comfortable.

Neat casual dress is expected on training days along with an EA-approved and tagged helmet, and appropriate footwear while mounted.

All participants riding at our club days need to be ACT Showjumping Club members in order to be covered by club insurances. Club membership can be paid via Global 

Training Days

ACT Showjumping Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of showjumping through developing the skill and commitment of its members. We regularly host clinics with experienced and highly qualified instructors and coaches.


Some of the coaches we have invited to coach for us in the past include:


  • Jenny Sheppard 

  • Leeson Sirett 

  • Guy Creighton

  • Gavin Chester 

  • David Dobson 

  • Grant Hughes 

  • Stephen Dingwall 

  • Colleen Brook


Please see our calendar to view all the upcoming competitions, training days and clinics.

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